Classes are held via teleconference program and all educational material sent electronically to students. If you are sceptical about the distance courses then we have a common point. Years as a teacher teaching in regular classes, the idea to deliver courses via the Internet at the beginning seemed unreal as something which would not succeed. After two years and several students who have attended tuition through skype I came to the conclusion that courses through the Internet, not just as efficiently educationally but additionally have important practical advantages over the traditional private lessons some of which are:

  • There is no loss of time by the student or the teacher on travelling and fatigue associated with this.
  • Due to the above reasons it becomes even more flexible both the program hours available for the student and the teacher.
  • The educational material is provided in electronic format at no additional cost to the student, and is easily accessible by current technology (smartphones, ipads, etc) everywhere and always.
  • training opportunities in traditional areas of knowledge where there are no trainers, tutors, or other educational institutions, nearby the residency of the student.

  If all this does not convince you then try contact me to arrange your first lesson free. You only need a simple internet connection and a video-conferencing program (preferably skype).